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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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and attending the bethany center training on friday realized how far things have come in the alzheimer's community from the 1980s when i was using the yellow pageses to find services for my mother who i now have found a pre-alzheimer's, early onset alzheimer's when there were no terms like that early onment i'm also at the [speaker not understood] institute for lifelong learning ucsf. among a population, very active, very engaged valuable resource of senior sit sins. being there three days a week i'm becoming more aware of the challenges, mobility, hearing, transportation challenges that we all face ~. even just driving in san francisco become a challenge as we mature in age. accessibility is an issue, both in homes. supervisor tang and i discussed the issue of the two-story
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home, the classic san francisco home, especially in the sunset park side where we can become prisoners because of getting up and down. if we only have one flight of stairs, but sometimes when there are two, they're not wide enough for ramps. how do we make sure we provide the services and the priorities the gentleman ahead of me just discussed. one of my roles on the council if i'm reappointed would be to visit neighborhood senior centers and i look forward to that. i was quite impressed with the number that is there. i look forward to working with supervisor tang in district 4 neighborhood plan to make sure we meet those needs. my background professionally was in insurance and education. i spent time reading legislation as a part of my job to make sure we were implementing laws appropriately. so, i'm not afraid of that. i have also developed over those 40 years analytical listening and communications skills that i find come in handy at the commission -- at the council meetings.
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my four months thus far have made me eager to continue to serve. i have the time. i have the commitment. and i'm eager to continue if i'm reappointed, and i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. any questions? seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> there is a ken prag. i believe he was not going to be able to make it today, but he sent a statement and he's up for reappointment. so, is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> supervisor tang. >> great, thank you. thank you to ms. lawrence who showed up. i know that mr. prag is the district 8 supervisor nominee as well. i was very pleased when i met with ms. lawrence prior to this [speaker not understood] actually, and i want to thank you for your service and
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retirement and want to give back to the community. we know how challenging it is as our population is aging. my family took care of our grandparents over a decade in our home. so i want to thank you for your service and happy to actually forward out both of the nominees to the full board. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you. i'm happy to support that motion. i do want to note -- and i know that we will be working on this, but one of the things that happened earlier today, we held a hearing on the recommendations of the task force on lgbt seniors aging and the lgbt community and there are a number of recommendations i'm sure your committee will be working on. and, so, i look forward to working with you and appreciate the fact that you're willing, having served for a few months, you're still interested in continuing to serve. so, that's a great sign. and, again, thank you for your service. happy to support this.
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>> and likewise, i supported you at the end of last year. i'll support you again. i guess without any objection, the motion passes. [gavel] >> thank you very much. madam clerk, item number 7. >> item number 7 is a hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending november 23, 2014, to the shelter monitoring committee. there is one seat and two applicants. >> okay, michael kirkland, are you -- yes. >> hello, supervisors tang, supervisor yee, and supervisor campos -- campos. my southern accent some time changes words. my name is michael kirkland. as a disclaimer, i must inform you that my face might become bright red. don't be alarmed.
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i'm from louisiana and i have a cajun accent. [speaker not understood]. i greatly appreciate that each of you allowed me to introduce myself and share my homelessness experience with you with your respective offices. i was quite clear that you and your staff were very busy and have hectic schedules. so, thank you very much. about a year ago i experienced what it feels like to not have a place called home. i struggled to access housing in san francisco. i lived in some amazing places as listed on my resume that i have, but i always seem to venture back to this great city. i never thought in a million years i'd be homeless and felt such despair this year. i have three suitcases that contain my life possessions. i lost all my possession, some
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of which never can be replaced lie family pictures, letters and cards from my family and friends over the years. i ended up with my back pack on my back. my peers struggled to keep their livelihood and had too many bag for adequate storage in the shelter. we have overflow bag sometimes. i read the shelter monitoring committee draft first and second quarterly reports. [speaker not understood] surprise continued policy recommendations. i found this recommendations, especially case management, [speaker not understood] interesting. i never was informed of case management services or tokens provided to the shelter until i went to the second shelter and i found out this information from another client. ~ at the shelter and had to be proactive to receive housing case management.
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[speaker not understood]. i have some ideas on having shelter sites be in training compliance and be cost-effective for the agencies as well. we can do online training. that was done at lsu. i worked at lsu office of public health and we did online training. so, we were able to [speaker not understood] and also what we did is make sure that we answered the questions. and if we failed, we got two more chances. i have a great deal of experience in emergency and disaster planning. when i worked for the office of public health. in norxv, we didn't have a good plan until, guess what, one word, katrina. they have a comprehensive plan that might help now if we haven't addressed some issues that we have not considered before or we may find now we
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have a better plan involved. i bring a wealth of experience professionally and personally in housing and support services. my vision for this committee is that we might consider attracting some other outcomes and evaluation services provided in the shelters and work hard to make sure that we meet our obligation as a committee because we have no credibility if we are mandating our shelters and not leaving our own requirements. in closing the component, i have a lot to learn from the committee, i reviewed the shelter monitoring website, the bylaws handed out at the moating yet and i have much more to read. i feel excited and feel i would be an asset to the committee. thank you for your time, supervisor yee, supervisor tang, supervisor campos and rules committee clerk ms. miller [speaker not understood] with all my e-mails. >> okay, thank you very much. any questions?
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seeing none, thank you. from norxv. ~ new orleans i guess kim armbruster has withdrawn from this. is there any public comment on this? you have two minutes. come on up. [speaker not understood] michael kirkland [speaker not understood]. i'm here to speak in support of him. [speaker not understood]. michael is articulate, motivated, pass at andals follow through on thing [speaker not understood] and would be a great addition to the shelter monitoring committee. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comments on this matter? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [gavel] ~ >> supervisor campos? >> thank you. i just want to briefly note what i have been very impressed
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with mr. kirkland. i think in a very short period of time you have letteredv more about the shelter monitoring committee than most people. ~ learned i really appreciate your thoroughness, your follow through and your enthusiasm and i think you'd be a great addition to this body and want to welcome you back to san francisco and look forward to working with you. a very impressive presentation. so, i make a motion to move this item forward and to recommend michael kirkland for seat 5 on the shelter monitoring committee. >> okay. supervisor tang. >> thank you. i would
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even though he's from new orleans. okay. so, without any objection, the motion passes. [gavel] >> congratulations. madam clerk, we'll go back to item number 2. >> time number 2 is a motion confirming the mayor's nomination, and reappointing, joseph marshall, for a four-year term ending april 30, 2018, to the police commission. >> dr. marshall, are you here? did he go in the overflow room? dr. marshall, if you are in the overflow room, we're going to wait for you. take your time.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. i was in the overflow room. i feel like i've been here before. just a few words. this is my -- after ten years on the police commission -- did i say that? wow, 10 years. part of the [speaker not understood] commission back in 2004 when prop h passed. it went from 5 to 7 commissioners to four appointed by the mayor, three appointed by the board. i remember very clearly [speaker not understood] probably -- i had never served on a commission before. i had a lot more experience. clearly 10 years later, the wii [speaker not understood] of the commission. and really, what had happened,
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[speaker not understood] what asked again by the mayor to serve. i thought he was going to say, thank you. he said, no, we want you one more time. for the same reason that i said yes to then mayor newsome in 2004, i said yes to mayor lee to continue to serve. i think a lot of changes for police chief and [speaker not understood] what here, four commission secretaries. but i think the biggest thing is clearly there's been a lot of change that happened in the department in the last ten years. i'm sure commissioner campos, you're aware of the days when we had a lot of us -- a huge background of cases, disciplinary cases. i remember 80 cases. i think the greatest thing that happened is it's down less than
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10 now, [speaker not understood]. i think we've been able to, you know, put in a lot of -- look at a lot of particular general orders, [speaker not understood] shootings, look at policy, just provide continued and good oversight to the department, which is obviously needed. i think we've been able to move thing forward despite shrinking resource hees. thankfully in the last few year, we've been able to add academy classes so that we're now trying to get back up to the 19, i believe its was 71 number ~. that is the goal for the department. and just a couple other things about my service on the commission. for a long time i was the only african-american on the commission and obviously in a city like this, that's
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important. i'm a community person and i think bringing that to the commission has been important. i also want to add one other thing. i think i told a couple of you i'm the only non-lawyer on the commission, which is interesting when you get a room of six lawyers and you have to do deliberations. so, it has been great. it really has been great. i really enjoyed it. and, again, i'm flattered to be asked again to serve. so, you know, with your permission, i would do that again and clearly i'm here to answer any questions that you might have. so, fire away. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you. thank you, commissioner marshall. let me just say that there have been times when you and i have had some disagreements, but i have a great deal of respect for you. and it's really hard to imagine not having you on the police commission and so i'm glad that mayor lee has, ha provide
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seeded ~ proceeded to make this reappointment. i'm very impressed and appreciative with the work that you do especially with young people and we've had the opportunity recently to work on how we get guns out of our streets and i feel like we can't really do enough. i want to thank you for that. so, for me this is pretty easy, no-brainer. i do want to ask you a question that i'm going to ask all of the applicants for the police commission, which is, you know, by the way, i do think that one of the best decisions that the police commission has made has been [speaker not understood] as your police chief. i think he's done a great job. but i know that the biggest challenge that i have when it comes to the police department
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is the fact that if you really want to have as much community policing as you want, you need to have enough officers to do that, for them to have a presence. i know that whether it's in the mission station, whether it's in the ingleside station, we're always trying to get more resources, more officers assigned to those districts and that's a challenge. and, so, i'm wondering if you can sort of talk a little bit about your thoughts, your strategy going forward in term of how we make sure that we get to the staffing level that we need to be and that we maintain that, and that, you know, that we have enough officers to do all the things that he we want to do. i know that for me in my district, that is an ongoing challenge because there are
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only so many also that are needed in other parts of the city. >> well, before i answer that question, supervisor, a couple fond memories. about sick years ago we were on a commission together. i said to my wife, ~ i think we did great work. i remember one particular meeting was a community meeting about halloween in the castro. we were there till midnight. we finally crafted some good ideas there. and just the second year, i also want to commend you on partnering with my community [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] is always froth and center. for a while we were concerned. we were doing as best we could with few officer, but we have academy classes in the hopper. we're trying to get back, again, to the number the department feels is the optimum number. i just think we have to keep at that. we have to keep at it, we have to keep at it. it has to be in the budget.
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thankfully you and the mayor have had the foresight, the board and the mayor have had the foresight to keep that front and center. it always comes up every year when we do the budget, staffing, staffing. we're getting back to the point where we need to be with the staffing numbers and -- you've got a great chief and the chief is very cognizant of the concerns of the number of officers in the district. remember, we came in, we depth have patrol officer. we didn't have any officer out there. so, we've been able to make that part of -- the business the way we do policing in the city, and we're always looking at that. so, i think that's something that bodes well. i think the key thing is getting in the budget so we can't have the number of officers that he city feels it needs. so, i think you can trust that the commission will keep front and center of what we're doing. >> i appreciate that, and any
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extra officers, send them to the mission and ingleside. thank you. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. >> any other questions? i really appreciated we were able to meet in my office yesterday or a few days ago. so, all the questions that i asked then, i really appreciate your answers. but i also admire that you want to continue to do this considering you're still running an organization. i, like you, once upon a time ran an organization and i know how much energy that take. can you tell me your secret of how you do that? >> lie low, to be honest with you. you know, i love the work i do with young people. i've always seen it -- serving on the commission as an extension of the work -- the community work i do. that's why i think for me it's always been important to have my voice at the table.
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so, yes, it is i guess call it a labor of love in both the community service and the city service. i don't have any secrets except you just get up and you do it. >> thank you. thank you. any other questions? seeing none, thank you very much. thank you. >> alrighty. >> can you shut off your cell phone so we he don't get disturbed when people are trying to make a speech? [speaker not understood]. just? case, i don't know whose cell phone its was. ~ just in case where am i? public comment. any public comments on this matter? good afternoon, supervisor tang, yee, and campos and mar. my name is shaman walton,
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native of district 11, [speaker not understood]. i came to speak in support of the reappointment of dr. marshall to the police commission. aside from the fact that he's been responsible for sending over 200 young people to college, including myself, and aside from the fact that he's done a lot of work with young people in the system and out of the system and making sure they get to pass for success, he's also been a responsible police commissioner for the last 10 years. i think it's a blessing that he's going to get the opportunity to move forward upon your approval. one of the things about dr. marshall i think is important and what he brings to the police commission is not only the policy work and the understanding of the commission itself, but the work that he's doing and has done in the community. around antiviolence, around working to decrease crime in our area of san francisco. i think having that perspective and bringing that to the
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commission is important because he understands the community and he also understands the aspects of working with the police and coming up with effective ways not only to hold them accountable, but also to come up with strategies to help them do their work and their job better. and, so, i just want to again reemphasize that i think it is exciting for him to get another opportunity to serve and hope that he he will receive your support in his reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comments on this item? come on up. good afternoon, commission. my name is rudy corpus. i was actually sitting in the other room and i saw joe speaking and joe marshall, i didn't know he was running to be reelected. i'll support that. i just want to let him know.
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he is super beneficial to the community. he knows so many people. all the way from the elementary to the penitentiary this brother knows. support him, reelect him back on the police board. i just want to come over here and say that because i support him. >> thank you. any other public comments on this matter? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> supervisor campos? >> thank you. it is my pleasure to make a motion to reappoint joe marshall to -- dr. joe marshall to the san francisco police commission and to move that item forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> supervisor tang? >> yes, i just want to take this opportunity to really thank dr. marshall not only for your work on the police commission, but everything that you do in the community with the youth, they go hand and hand with your role as a commissioner. thank you for having the stamina for serving i guess a decade now and i really look forward to continuing to work with you on the police commission.
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so, i second that nomination. >> okay. i'm sorry, supervisor eric mar, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, chair yee. i want to reiterate what my colleagues have said. i've been a fan since [speaker not understood] years and years ago, but your tremendous support and dedication to empowering young people has been amazing. i think supervisor campos and i were on the rules committee when we reappointed you before and i agree it's a no-brainer and we really, really appreciate your work on the police commission. thank you, dr. marshall. >> oka. with no objection, this motion passes. [gavel] ~ >> congratulations, dr. marshall, once again. okay. this brings us to item number 3. >> item number 3 is the hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending april 30, 2018, to the police commission. there is one seat and three applicants.
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>> okay. so, we have two applicants. so, ms. chan? angela chan. she's probably outside, so, we'll wait for her. so, we -- for people -- >> she's coming. >> we're going to have to not have any more people come in. can you please tell them not to come in? there are too many people inside. angela, come on up. >> good afternoon. i've prepared updated packets for you if i can just hand them to you.
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good afternoon. my name is angela chan. i'm a senior staff attorney managing the criminal justice reform program at [speaker not understood] asian law caucus. the nation's oldest nonprofit serving low-income asian americans. i'm here today to seek reappointment for the second term to the san francisco police commission. first, i want to thank you, the board of supervisors, for giving me the opportunity to serve the residents of san francisco on this important 7-seat civilian oversight body that is charged the same policy as the police department and adjudicating difficult officer matt ir. when i began on the police commission four years ago i had an understanding of the criminal justice system from the perspective of a [speaker not understood] who has held english proficient parents with youth in the juvenile system. luckily i see here some of the grand mothers who i helped, whose children i helped get out of the juvenile system and stop their deportation. i appreciate that they're here today.
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since serving on the commission i have developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the hard work, the dedication and the sacrifice of officers of the s.f.p.d. i have learned about also the challenges and areas for improvement to continue to lead the way and have one of the finest police departments in the country. [speaker not understood]. in order to accomplish anything i know it requires building strong, genuine and consistent partnership with s.f.p.d. and the diverse community members that this department serves. one of my main priorities has been language access because without this victims and witnesses to crime can't communicate with officers and can't get the help they need. i have supported implementation of the language general order which by the way is one of the best in the country and one that i'm proud to help write. i have supported this general order by supporting and attending meetings between s.f.p.d. and domestic violence service providers along with the district attorney's office and office of citizen
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complaints. through these monthly meetings we developed a 20-minute training video that highlights the importance of using bilingual officers to conduct accurate if interviews of suspects and witnesses. [speaker not understood] a cantonese elder abuse survivor. we have distributed [speaker not understood] included in your packet in order to educate the public about s.f.p.d. language policy. while much progress has been made there is a lot more work that needs to be done. that's why i've asked to be reappointed to the commission. just to give you a statistic, in 2013 only 12% of s.f.p.d.'s 2,217 interactions with limited english proficient community members used a bilingual officer only 12%. the rest of those cases, the 88% involved either a telephone interpreter or none at all. so, much more work needs to be done to make sure that our immigrant communities are served and there is accurate investigation.
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i also assisted in guiding the implementation of the juvenile justice department general order which serves the safety for youth and clarifies their rights. i've attended monthly meetings of the working group between s.f.p.d., occ and youth providers. the working group [speaker not understood] referral center known as carc for officers to take youth to after they're arrested because it is a safe place for youth where there are community based resources for the youth. this is in place of taking the youth to district stations where actually adults were held and we wanted to keep them separate. so, i've also had the honor of working closely with the youth commission which i'm excited to cheer today to support me to revise and authorize a memorandum of agreement between s.f.p.d. and sfusd so the rights and responsibilities of officers and youth on our school ground are clearly laid out. luckily this m-o-u was just signed this year by both the police department and the board of education. we also piloted